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>So, what are you doing after 10 PM?!

>HAIR! #thatisall Spending quality time with my hair dryer, my laptop, my nook & myself! This is what prompted me to do my hair this late – shampoo STAT! I should be in bed between 11:30 and midnight! Sweet Dreams! … Continue reading

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>Club Costco Gas

>All I needed was some Petro, but you have to stand in line like you’re waiting to get into a club! UGH! I took the baby Lexus on to Sam’s! Remember, I buy my gas wholesale?! Fortunately, given the cost … Continue reading

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>Why Can’t We All Get Along Mircrosoft?!

>Taken from Twitter – @BreakingNews: Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Android-based Nook e-reader – and just when I finally broke down and got one! See the article here. Until I sign in again – Deuces! Mrs. AKAtude

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>Welcome Spring

> Oh my Spring, welcome back to my world! I see you’re back with a BANG! I guess you said allergies/sinuses be damned – I is here! I started feeling bad Saturday night when going to bed, nasal congestion and … Continue reading

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