>71 to 17

>Degrees that is! That is the gist of my fb status from last night, here is the actual status – 71 degrees today in B’ham to 17 degrees in Aspen #insanity but #goodtimes ahead with @TuskegeeU friends!!

I know we will have a good time, but I was too through by the time we finally made it to Aspen, CO last night @ 11 PM CST. We left B’ham @ 3:20, arrived in Denver around 5:20 or so MDT only to find out that we were in store for a 4 hour drive to Aspen – WTF?! Talk about 38 HOT, but what could I do?! Not a damn thing, but just ride around in the back seat of a rental car like Miss Daisy, while Mister and his line brother talked about any and everything!! I left a message on fb for one of our other friends that was ahead of us arriving and told her to have me a drink ready when we finally arrived. Good times are indeed in store! More to come….

My view this morning in Aspen!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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