All I wanted for Christmas…

Was a Recliner. I’ve only asked for it for the last 2 years. And apparently you can’t buy clues around here, because I didn’t see it under my Christmas tree.

Since I had been complaining about lower back pain, this is what I received:

Shiatsu Bed Lounger

Shiatsu Bed Lounger


This is so me

This is so me

Here are some deets from non-other than high azz Brookstone:

Targets the lumbar muscles in your lower back

  • 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu nodes help unlock muscle tension
  • Control panel lets you adjust forward or reverse massage motion
  • Firm, durable foam won’t slump or slouch over time
  • Luxurious tone-on-tone and brushed microsuede materials
  • Padded flap covers the massage feature while lounging
  • Padded flap rolls up while getting a massage
  • Side-pocket stores your bedside belongings: e-readers, crosswords, remote, etc.
  • Charges your device via the built-in USB port

How our Shiatsu Bed Lounger works

  • Place it on your bed
  • Press the power button on the armrest control panel
  • 4 Shiatsu nodes knead deep to help release muscle tension in your lower back
  • Press the forward or reverse buttons to adjust the direction of the massage motion

 “What’s Shiatsu massage?” Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles. Our lounger massages you with four massaging nodes for a more complete lumbar massage experience.
Loaded with the lounger features we love (and can’t do without!). Unlike other pillows with arms, our Shiatsu Bed Lounger massages your back. Enjoy a soothing lower back massage as you read or relax. Complete with finger-tip control panel on the armrest that lets you easily adjust the massage. Plus, the Shiatsu Bed Lounger is more than a massager, it also surrounds you in a lean-back-and-relax cushion. The armrests prop your arms for reading or typing on your tablet. Plus, our Shiatsu Bed Lounger stores your e-reader, tablet, TV remotes, and more in the handy side pocket.
You’ll never want to get out of bed again! With the Brookstone Shiatsu Bed Lounger, lounging never felt sooooo good.

Now….. I’ve tried it and love it! But, I still want my Recliner, so what did I do you ask? I went and bought my own damn Recliner! Yes, I did! I called my girlfriend to ask could she pick it up for me and we were in and out of Costco in no time! Yes, Costco! Don’t sleep on them! And this Recliner was a hot commodity, I heard I was the second person looking for it on Saturday. I only went back 3 days before I was able to purchase it, they didn’t have anymore in stock, but they were coming.

I lost part of my post –

In summary, I can’t upload the pic right now, but no worries it’s coming! This will be my reading easy chair, in what I’ve deemed my reading area, right beside my bookcase. I will recline and get my read on!

This is the story of my Christmas dream deferred that I fulfilled! Was there anything you wanted for Christmas that you bought for yourself?




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3 Responses to All I wanted for Christmas…

  1. Tarsha! says:

    How come I didnt know you had a blog!!!!!

    *adds to Google Reader, then heads over to Brookstone to check out this massager*


  2. Artney says:

    I swear you got me wanting one of these! Especially the way I be struggling trying to prop up pillows in the bed. I may have to invest! Thanks for the review!

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