>Allergy/Sinus Issues

>Not too much has been going on. Just trying to get a handle on my allergy/sinus issues. I had to breakdown and go to the Dr, only after all of the self medicating failed :(. I had stocked up on Sudaphed, a Neti Pot and then went back to the store for a round of Zyrtec, but to no avail!

This really works

I realized I had a sinus infection, after being sick over a week. I had to go in and get a trusty steroid shot, I hate those!!

Whenever I get a steroid shot, it leaves me wired, so I finally got energy to do something to my hair after bunning it for almost a week. I just did a Flat twist out using DevaCare One Conditioner and Coconut Oil. Pics are below.

Until I sign in again, Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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  1. paige says:

    >I love a netti pot. People call me crazy. They are right. But I still love them. It really works!

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