Another Great Saturday

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of being in the presence of one of my fav Grandma’s, my BFF’s Grandma to be exact, Grandma Norma! My BFF organized a Birthday Lunch at the local Golden Corral in Anniston, AL, her hometown, which is about an hour from me. When she mentioned it to me a while ago, she said she would put me an invitation in the mail; what? Invitation? I don’t need that! Just tell me the date and time, I’m there. So, right then and there, I plugged the pertinent details into my phone’s calendar (that’s how I keep up with most important dates).

Fast forward to last week, my Husband had a VIP invite to a luncheon for Terri J. Vaughn, actress from The Steve Harvey Show, that played the role of LaVita. Well, while I like her and did want to go, I felt that it was more important to attend Grandma Norma’s Birthday Celebration and boy am I glad I did! I asked my BFF how old was Grandma Norma and she had no clue, but this lovely lady told us story after story and her age did come up!  She is 88 years young and still sharp!

Check out the pics below:

Grandma Norma (BFF pointing out guests)


Me w/Grandma Norma & KlassyFunkyKool)

KlassyFunkyKool is my BFF’s BFF from childhood! We’re also friends, Sorors, she went to TU with my husband and now we’re travel partners, we traveled to Jamaica earlier this year and will travel to DR next year. She just started a blog, so please check it out here!

The BFF's funny children


The BFF & I (excuse my hanger string showing)

A great time was had by all! I’m so happy I went! There was a great turnout! I got to see my BFF’s family and that is always great! I also met KlassyFunkyKool’s Dad and he is hilarious! It was also great seeing her Mom again, a Soror also and she traveled with us to Jamaica as well. And this is the icing on the cake, I don’t even like Golden Corral like that, but the Catfish was on point!
When I lived in ATL and was dating my husband long distance in Birmingham, I always stopped in Anniston on my way to see him to check out any treasures in Ross Dress for Less (one of my fav stores), so this visit was no different, but I didn’t find anything this trip. I did go into TJ Maxx and Old Navy and found a few things. Old Navy is the devil, so after I make this final return, I’m done with  them!
Another great Saturday goes down in the history books! How was your weekend?


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3 Responses to Another Great Saturday

  1. Single Ma says:

    Looks like Granny had a nice dinner.

    LOL @ Old Navy is the devil. * in my Arnold voice* You’ll be back!

  2. Dee Davis says:

    Great Times! #livelovelaugh

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