Another Tornado hits closer to home! (Updated with another link)

We were hit by a Category E-2 or E-3 Tornado (the Meterologist wasn’t sure which one) on yesterday, just shy of 9 months since the last one on April 27th. I didn’t even realize it was that magnitude of a storm. I was awakened by the thundering and rain, but didn’t think anything of it, I just wondered when my power was going to go out. My husband’s phone started going off a little before 5 AM and woke him up and he immediately asked why I was not watching the news? Well, Girlfriends was still on – DUH! But seriously, I had no idea a tornado had even hit. I checked on my family and thankfully we were all good! Unfortunately I learned of a former co-worker, that is my namesake, had lost her home via facebook. I made it to work and learned one of my co-workers that stops by to speak to me every morning had some damage. But today, I received the link below and I was just numb. I just shared hair tips with my friend on Friday and on Monday, she has lost everything – her home, cars, possessions, but GOD is so good, because he spared her and her family’s life! There were two fatalities on yesterday. I read the story of one of the deaths and it was so heartbreaking. Please keep Alabama in your prayers, because we are going through it here!

My Friend’s Tornado Devastation

Another News Clip with my friend


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2 Responses to Another Tornado hits closer to home! (Updated with another link)

  1. Wow. It’s seems like these weather related storms are happening more often and are more intense than in the past. So glad that you and your family are safe and praying for full restoration for your friend.

    By the way, I tagged you in my post today. Have fun.

  2. adrienne says:

    These storms….man

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