Black, Educated and Unemployed!




Is this thing on?! I know it’s been a while, but here I am. If you’ve ever been a Blogger, we all have gotten away from it, from time to time, but something always happens that seems to draw you back in. I’ve been in a transition in the last year, and I need to get my thoughts out, and thought this would be a good place to purge, so here goes…


A little over a year ago, my work life changed and it was the beginning of the end! My employer that I had worked for almost 7 years, up and changed my work hours without any regard to me as a human and screw my family life. So, my life was interrupted for 5 weeks or so and during that time, I missed my niece’s 3rd Birthday party, my husband’s Award’s ceremony, my gym friends and life as I’ve known it professionally.


Then two months later, my professional relationship with the company came to an abrupt end as they came in unexpectantly one day, a Thursday, and notified us that they were seizing operations in the state of AL.


I have been unemployed and desperately seeking a new professional opportunity for well over a year, but of course, the job search was kicked up a notch when I lost my job. I’m not completely unemployed, as I’ve been working Contract for 5 months now, but this assignment is scheduled to end soon.


I haven’t blogged in a long while, but the next Blog Series I’m going to introduce to the almost defunct Blog is my experience looking for a job, and it has really changed! I will talk about my experiences, and hopefully glean somethings to share. I hope you’ll join me for the ride. And if you have any insight, please share!  More to come!


Be Kurlylicious!



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