>For the last 2 days I’ve worn my side bun. My hair was still not dry yesterday morning, which suprised me. I took the bun down last night, smoothed my edges and tied on my satin scarf and decided I would reposition my pony from the side to the back. But this morning I half way contemplated wearing my hair down today, but wasn’t feeling it. See below:

Front – yeah, that slicked down look I ain’t going for it lol

Back – looks good to me

I just went with a curly ponytail today, see below.


Back – loving it today

Not sure how long I’m going to continue with the bun/pony. I might just rock this out the rest of the week, lol, only time will tell. Definitely through tomorrow though, because I have an Urban League Young Professionals meeting after work and won’t feel like doing anything other than eating dinner and preparing for tomorrow.

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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