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>Why Can’t We All Get Along Mircrosoft?!

>Taken from Twitter – @BreakingNews: Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble over Android-based Nook e-reader – and just when I finally broke down and got one! See the article here. Until I sign in again – Deuces! Mrs. AKAtude

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>Reading is Sexy!

> Especially with my Nook! Check out how I will be spending my lunch! lol My fortune cookie said, “You will be singled out for a special promotion within the month. < I receive it! Amen. (I did get a … Continue reading

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>The Nook has arrived!

>My Nook Color arrived yesterday, @ 5:35 PM! Mr. UPS man gets the side eye o_O! So far I’m enjoying it, reading samples here and there and putting titles on my Wishlist! I just pulled out my $50 Barnes & … Continue reading

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>Nook Color is on the way

>Happy Hump Day! Thanks to Tiffany In Houston and her wonderful blog that can be found here, she hipped me to a great deal on ebay and I will finally be in the e-reader game! I’m so excited and will … Continue reading

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