>Curly Girls Rock

>All roads led to ATL! I got my get out of jail free card and I’m making the most of it, you heard me?! lol

Unfortunately, we got to the event hella late, hated that part, and the ultimate piss off was my mf name was not on the VIP list! I was contacted via Twitter, told I won a ticket and then to drive from out of town and my name was nowhere to be found! The HELL you say! Yall it could’ve gotten real ugly quick. I was already hesitant about going, because who offers A free ticket? A as in one! I thought that was crazy in itself. My reason for thinking it was crazy is because, although I’m comfortable going alone somewhere, oftentimes, we as women roll with at least one other person and in my case, my bff was that person, since I was going to be staying all up and through her house for the weekend! And then I thought it would be crazy that I leave her with the commoners and I hit the VIP area too. Just crazy for real, but the bff was cool, because she knew I really wanted to go. But then, the damn event sold out of all the tickets for peon admittance! Talk about drama! As luck would have it, the young lady that contacted me that I had won, put me in contact with the other winner of A VIP ticket via Twitter, which is a true GOD send, and she was smart enough to have already purchased a ticket and she was nice enough to offer me her peon ticket. We went through all of the logistics of trying to connect and then the Curly GOD’s stepped in and me and the bff both were both admitted to VIP. #WINNING!

Now that the rant is over, the highlight of the night was seeing all of the beautiful naturals in the house. It was packed out! Natural hair all over, in varying shades of fabulousness! I met a few of the ladies I always see in blogland and Twitter, so that was great! But ultimately, the event was a little overwhelming, somewhat chaotic and a tad bit disappointing for me given the whole drama of attending, on top of being hot as hell! I mean so much natural hair and a whole lot of nothing going on. The food was gone in VIP of course, as well as limited seating and although we could’ve ordered something there, I’m not a fan of standing and eating, drinking and trying to balance my phone so I could tweet lol. And I didn’t get a swag bag, nor did we win anything either, so I got nothing! Last year I hated I didn’t make it and this year I can say I went, but I won’t be in a rush to go again. There, I said it! Here are a few pics of the night!

Oh one more rant, there was a nice back drop and we were heading there to take a pic, do you know it fell and couldn’t get up, or rather, no one ever picked it back up – tacky!

The BFF & I

A high school classmate that spoke to me and I didn’t recognize because she BC!

@Fab_Tiff – the sweet lady that offered her ticket to me!

@CurlyGirlLexi – one of the organizers of the event & the SheaMoisture guy

The Lovely @NaturalChica

The Lovely @Afrobella


Me at the end of the night being silly, wish I had a room at the Sheraton, we’re old lol

Today we will be hitting up the World Natural Hair show! Deets and Tweets coming lol!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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2 Responses to >Curly Girls Rock

  1. >Babs didn't make in the event..I'm just confused that in a city as large as ATL with all the black folks that it wasn't better organized????

  2. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >@TiffanyInHouston, I know about Babs, she warned me before I got there about the line. And that did seem rather crazy how long the wait was and I know it was a true hour, because we talked to someone that waited that long to get in. I got lucky, I walked in and there was a line, but 5 minutes tops was my wait because they had workers going through the line taking cash only and giving out armbands for admittance.

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