Decisions, Decisions

I need to make a purchase ASAP at a furniture outlet here since the Groupon is expiring tomorrow. UGH! Why do I wait to the last minute?! Don’t answer that! lol The Groupon was $25 for $100, not a lot to work with, but something is better than nothing and I’m not wasting my money. Anyhoo, I had a plan of action that I would just get a chaise lounge or recliner, so that I could have something for my reading time, since we set a part of our Great Room as a Reading area, although it hasn’t come to fruition, since a desk and chair are there now and we store our new wireless printer on it, but that can all be rolled down the hall to the spare bedroom. I went today and could not make a decision. I even sent pics to the hubs, lol. So, take a look:

I sent this first, the hubs said you want this? lol I would get brown, but it’s so low, I can’t get down low like I used to lol, but this is a NO since that was his response!

This was not as low and more comfortable, but the pattern would clash with the pillows on my sectional in the Great Room

This would just be a piece of furniture, not comfortable at all

Fuzzy pic and not the right color

Recliner choices, it’s reclines electronically and looks manly, so I think hubs will go for it

I would get the darker color

This is a bed I snapped, I like it, not the comforter, we’ll be buying bedroom next

Suffice it to say, I made no decision today and I will have to go back tomorrow. I’m thinking it’s the recliner, I think we can both agree on it. I think. This could all change tomorrow.

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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