Fashion Find(s) Friday – Target!

Today I wanted to share my latest finds at one of my favorite stores, Target. Whenever I go in there, I normally peruse the clearance rack, just to see what gem I can find. As luck would have it, my BFF had given me some Jeggings as a birthday or Christmas gift, hey, they’re only a day a part, so it was for one of those special occasions lol.  I happened upon the perfect top to go with  them and it had been marked down to $7.48.


Clearance Top find for HUE Floral Print Jeggings

Clearance Top find for HUE Floral Print Jeggings


Since that time, I found another top for my BFF for $3.48, as she had bought herself the same jeggings. That is also, what I tend to do when shopping for others – 1 for you and 1 for me, lol.


On another random shopping trip, I found the lovely statement necklace below for the low, low as well at my fav store, Target, for $5.88 and this was the perfect time to pair it up, take a look:

Clearance Necklace $5.88


And here’s the whole outfit of the day (excuse the dirty mirror):

OOTD - it paired well with my boots

OOTD – it paired well with my boots

I’m always lucky in Target! Love that store! Do you have any favorite stores? Have you found any great fashion finds lately?

Be Kurlylicious!

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