>Fight For Air Climb

>The American Lung Association puts on a Fight For Air Climb in each of it’s regional states. The climb is a stair climb and yesterday was the first one for Alabama. The climb consisted of going up 34 flights of stairs. You only had to go up, you would ride the elevator down. Initially I had lofty dreams of making the stair climb, but I had to work my volunteer assignment first. I was the Key Check. Before the climbers climbed, they had to check their keys into me and I would return them once they finished. We had a great system of using their bib number as the number to put on their keys. I also gave out parking passes as well for anyone that parked in the parking deck.

Here I am at my work station with a Leadership Council Member, also the hubs co-worker

The Hubs finally showed up, I had to be there @ 6:45 AM, the climb had started when he showed up! He’s a Leadership Council Member as well.

A sign showing the sponsors, the Hubs snapped this pic since his company was a sponsor

Check me out working here!

They also had cheerleaders to cheer on the climbers as well on each floor. I’ll add those pics later.

Back to me wanting to make the climb myself, well, my co-worker did it first and she made it up in 9 minutes which was pretty good, but when she came back down, she was not at all herself. It took her a while to collect herself. On the 27th floor, another co-worker was working and she shared with her we might want to rethink doing it LOL. I did snap some pics, but I can’t even do her like that. She knew I took the pics, but I’ll show her that I’m deleting them LOL. Here is a great shot of her as she was crossing the finish line, check it out here. You can also view the photo gallery, they got some great shots!

Despite everything that is going on with the Tornado relief, we had a great turnout for the first one. It generated great buzz and next year I will be ready to do the climb and the hubs will do it too! LOL

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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2 Responses to >Fight For Air Climb

  1. Adrienne says:

    >Either you are short, or your husband is TALL lol. Glad you had a great turnout!!

  2. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >I'm short compared to him LOL, especially when I'm not wearing heels!

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