>Happy Birthday – EDITED with more Pics

>To my favorite Girl – my Mama!

I LOVE her so much! She taught me to be smart, strong and independant, just like her! She is the most giving person I know! A true friend indeed. I only hope that I can be as sweet as she is one day, but I got too much of my Daddy in me and the Lord is still working on me! LOL

Me and my sisters are taking her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner tonight, The Fish Market!

This pic is three years old, I was still living in ATL, but had just been offered a job in B’ham and I told my Mama the night of her Birthday party, she was so happy!

Happy Birthday Mama! There is nothing I won’t do for you, just as you have always been there for me and the backbone of our family! Love & Blessings always!

EDITED – More Pics

My Mama

The Cake – so moist & tasty from Publix

Me, Nephew, Mama & Sister

My Sisters & Mama

All the girls & Mama (We have a lil brother, 24, he doesn’t hang LOL)

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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