Happy Christmas Eve Birthday to ME!

Rough & Tough with my Afro Puff! Natural Hair Don't Care!


It’s yo birthday, we gone party like it’s yo birthday! Today I am 29! Yes, again! And I still look fabulous! Self esteem issues – NOT lol! I thank GOD for blessing me to see and celebrate another birthday!

Blessing & Curse!


Call me lucky NOT because my birthday falls on Christmas Eve and that is twice the gifts – NOT!  Yes, sad but true and I’ve lived with this for 29 years! Because I have this special Christmas Eve birthday, you know, competing with the holiday and all, my husband puts forth extra effort to make it special for me. Our first date was on my birthday! If he didn’t, I would LOL! So, on today we will go out to Ruth Chris for an early birthday dinner before we head over to my Mom’s house to hang out with my family, who will be preparing for Christmas and sing Happy Birthday! Yes, even at this age, we still do that, with cake and all!

I also got together with my Girl’s Night In crew for our annual Birthday/Christmas (see a pattern here) outing at a Japanese steakhouse on Thursday night and like always, the good times rolled! I received some fabulous gifts, but I had my girlfriend taking the pics, since she had the camera, so I’ll have to share those pics another time.

And before I take this birthday by storm and enjoy my day to the fullest, I would like to give a special birthday shout-out to my born day twin! Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day and Blessings for many more! We’ll swap birthday stories soon!

Anyone wanting to send me a birthday gift, by all means, please do so LOL!


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