>Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re a Mom, you deserve the very best, I’m not, but I have a great Mama pictured below, who I’ll spoil today!!


My family and I have a fairly new tradition, well, for the last 4 years, we as a family get together and go to brunch in a city about an hour from home and it’s always great! Today was no different, and we always take pics:

My Mama! Love her!

My Sister, The Diva!

My Man, Smooching on me! lol Love it & him!


Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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3 Responses to >Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Serenity3-0 says:

    >Awe, your hubby kissing on your like newlyweds! So sweet! Cherish your mommy!

  2. >Nice pictures! You are so pretty.

  3. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >Serenity, we are newlyweds, 2 years next week lol. My Mama is my fav girl! Love her! I cherish her more with the loss of my Daddy last year.Southerngal, Thank you!

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