>Happy Naturalversary to me!

>I have been natural five years today! And although it’s been that length of time, I only started wearing my hair curly about a year and half ago, but I’m loving it! I’m still rocking twist n curls, for the most part and buns here and there, but I think I’m going to invest in curlformers, flexirods and or strawllers. I want to do something different I think.

In other news, I received a Heutiful Hair Steamer for Christmas from my husband. I mentioned that I wanted one and was so shocked when I opened it. He had it wrapped all nice and everything! He said the customer service was great and it shipped to him in 1 day! So far I’m enjoying the steaming process. I’ve only been using it with my deep condtioner, which is usually some type of conditioner (right now, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque) mixed with Castor and Olive Oil. The steamer is a spa for your hair, I love just sitting there, feeling the steam all up in my hair lol. The only draw back is it only steams about 20 minutes and I would love for it to go a little longer, so I normally just put more Distilled Water in and sit under 2 times for a total of 40 minutes of steaming. My Mama noticed after my first steaming, my hair was shinier and more moisturized. I’ve also noticed, my shedding has decreased as well.

In my latest PJ’ism, I’ve invested in a Tangle Teaser, I love it, but have heard some disturbing things about it as of late. It’s a detangling dream to me, reminds me of a paddle brush, similar to a Denman brush, but better! I will be careful with my continued use.

Here are a few pics of my hair in this last year!

Twist n Curl – we were out to dinner in Aspen, CO (hair still fresh, 2nd day hair)

Steaming for the 1st time (you can still see the box & gallon of water lol)

These next 2 pics are when I still had color, I miss it, but I’m going to refrain (I think)

Chunky Twist out – hanging out in H-town (my husband’s home)

Hanging out at a MyScoop event, took this pic on the way out lol

I’m still loving this natural hair journey and learning something new everyday!

I will post more pics from the last year in another post.

Until I sign in again – Deuces!


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