Houston We Have A Problem – Two New Friends!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting not one, but two new friends in the Houston, TX area. A little background, my husband is from Houston and we normally go at a minimum of once a year, but sometimes twice a year, as will be the case this year, since it’s our year to go there for Christmas. Anyhoo, when he asked did I want to go for his line brother’s 40th birthday party, of course I wanted to go, but I always have an agenda lol.

I had attempted to meet TiffanyInHouston my last visit to H-town in 2011, but it didn’t happen, so when I found out I was going this time, I immediately reached out to her and we were both determined to make it happen this time. Now, the bonus was meeting EarthAngel172, my Twitter buddy that TIH introduced to my blog for recipes and we connected on Twitter. EA172 saw my foursquare check-in when I landed in H-town and she tweeted, “You’re in Houston?” lol. I got another similar tweet from SoGirlCitySwirl, “Wait. What i miss?? You in Houston????”

I honestly didn’t tell a lot of people, because I wasn’t really sure they would be interested in meeting. Anyhoo, TIH suggested an area of town to meet and the location was BJ’s Brewery, which I was familiar with from a Tampa business trip. My husband had to chauffer me, as I’m not comfortable venturing out on my own in Houston. We met for drinks and the ladies had Tapas, that we passed on since we had a huge meal at Pappadeaux earlier and were still stuffed. Here are a few pics that my trusty, and unwilling photographer took:


EarthAngel172 & I prepping for photo-op


TIH & EarthAngel172


Dropping purses in the grass


What the Hell was I doing, stretching?


Attempting to pose


Finally! A good shot!


No clue, maybe recovery lol




And we’ve got a Winner!


The official Instagram Photo


Thanks to my husband for these great candid shots!

It was wonderful to meet these ladies and I’m already looking forward to hanging out with them again on my next visit to H-town.


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