Hump Day Ramblings – the yearly GYN visit edition

  • Yo, 40 ain’t all it’s cracked up to be yall! Just when I thought I was over the whole traumitazation of a mammogram that I had at 36 (I turned 35 on Christmas Eve and scheduled it for the new year), damn if the GYN office didn’t tell me, I needed to have one done before the Dr. sees me for my regular visit this year and every year henceforth and forever – da Hell?!
  • So, I get there, complete the paperwork, advised them I did have a baseline done before, but yo, why didn’t you remind me you needed to know where I had it done?! That was 4 years ago and a whole ‘nother state! The only thing I could tell them was the Dr. that advised me to have it done, you on your own figuring out that other ish!
This was me - Bun and all!

This was me – Bun and all!

  • Speaking of Dr.’s, have yall seen the preview for Married to Medicine on Bravo? Another reality show that is centered around the ATL and wouldn’t you know, my diva Dr. that I miss so much is the star of said reality show! She has appeared in the past on the Braxton Family Values, she delivered Toni’s sons and she was the Dr. that was advising Tamar on an episode too! I will definitely be tuned in!
Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine Cast


Dr. Walters - I see you girl!

Dr. Walters – I see you girl!


  • Anyhoo, got the Mammogram done, then went down the hall to have my regular Dr. all up in my lady parts! But before she began, she was so excited that I’ve lost 14 lbs since my visit last year! That’s with my clothes and boots on yo, so it’s probably a few lbs more! She even mentioned it to the nurse, so what is always uncomfortable for me, made me smile in spite of! I weighed myself this morning, to be sure they weren’t going to scold me on my weight – the Hubs and I both had put on the lbs, happy weight is what everyone calls it. I could stand to lose 10 or more lbs, and I will start on that next goal soon!
  • Welp, that’s it’s for this edition of GYN visits and Mammograms, until next year, the Lord Willing!

What’s going on with you this fine Hump Day?



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2 Responses to Hump Day Ramblings – the yearly GYN visit edition

  1. Single Ma says:

    I’m so afraid of mammograms. I’ve never had one, but before I turn 40, I’m going to ask my doctor about thermography (sp?). I hear it’s painless and detects cancer cells before they begin to develop vs detecting cancer after it’s already there.

    • Kurlylicious says:

      I’ve never heard of that, I need to look into it myself.

      I’ve survived having a Mammogram twice, it’s just uncomfortable, but very necessary, so I do it :).

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