Husband Free that’s me!

Husband at his home house - Riverwood


My Husband has traveled to his home of Houston, TX this evening and I planned on doing me, Husband free! I can hardly stand it! Woot! Woot!

My original plan once prompted by Babs was this response: I’m going to eat at my fav Thai Restaurant, Surin, and come home, indulge in some wine and sleep on his side of the bed! I’m also going to the gym, get waxed and threaded and I’m debating on getting my hair flat ironed. Oh, I guess I should start my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.

Well, since that time, I realized I will get to do most of that, but with some rescheduling, seeing as though I came home from work, laid on the sofa and let the TV watch me for a couple of hours! My dinner was popcorn! Tomorrow, it’s on and popping! (I crack myself up lol)

But essentially, if I don’t do anything, Husband free is welcomed alone time!

Have a good weekend!

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