>I Voted

>Tuesday was election day here in B’ham. I had to vote Republican this time, because this was a runoff election and my Democratic choice is already in the running for November. Asking for that Republican ballot was so different, but I got it done and it was all right with the world when the one that is for Education won the runoff election. Now, come November, I’m back Democrat, lol.

I Voted

I finally decided I needed to buy a new bathroom rug set, but didn’t really see what I wanted in Ross. I did find something, but it included a shower curtain and I felt I didn’t need it since I had just put up a new shower curtain recently. Well, you know I thought more about it and was like I should’ve just bought it anyway. My intention was to goback the next day, but I completely forgot, so 2 days later I’m back in Ross, the bathroom rug set is gone, but I did find a new rug for the kitchen, not that I was looking, but I like it. Check it out!

New Rug for Kitchen

Still rocking my mini twists. I will try to remember to take a pic. They are fine. I’ve only had to roll the ends up once. I’ve bunned my hair, worn half up, half down or worn it all down. I love being able to get ready so fast in the morning with not too much to do to my hair. The pic below is just one I found on a blog, can’t even remember which one to give credit. If I find out which one I will.

Measure Hair Growth – Love It

Until I sign in again – Dueces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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