Snow in Birmingham?!

I didn’t believe it was going to do anything, but it did! Me being the betting person that I am, I attempted to run to Walmart on lunch so I wouldn’t be in there with everyone after work. The drive there was not bad and it wasn’t too bad inside. But after being in there 30 – 40 minutes, I came back out and my damn car was covered in snow! I drove slow back to the office, praying the whole way and as I turned into our office complex, it looked like a Winter Wonderland.


It was a mess!


Another shot a work

Another shot


So pretty, but that drive had my nerves bad!

Now of course people were freaking out at work and wanting to go home, but that’s not the business we’re in, it will have to be declared a state of emergency before that happens. I was cool though, because fortunately I live 9 miles from the job, but one of my students, I thought we would have to sedate them. Some of my co-workers that had to leave to pick up kids from school, it took them 2 hours, so this is one time, I’m actually glad I stayed at work and didn’t get out there in the madness. I let my class go early, so at least it would be light for them driving and I stayed until quitting time and still got home in my normal 12 minutes, even taking an alternate route to avoid the curvy hill.


Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!


And bloop, just like that, the snow was over!

The next day we had a lot of ice, traffic jams and accidents, I got a few calls from my students that they were attempting to come in, but I assured them they needed to be safe and to take their time. I left out earlier and made it on in.

Until next time Snowmaggeden!

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