Magic City Natural Hair Meet-Up (Pic heavy)


I attended this event on Saturday. Upon entering the venue, I was greeted with, wait for it – a long azz line!

And you had to print your tix ahead of time, there was no Will Call!

I guess this is part of the refreshments?! And H2O was the chaser!

This was once inside

Really Blue Magic? This was in one of the swag bags as you entered

The sponsors really showed love with more swag bags


The Natural Hair Diva’s table

Nappy Rutz

Line for the Vendors

And I’m not sure if anyone has heard of The Damn Salon, I hadn’t until Saturday. I meant to scan in the brochure, but please check out the website. Doing too DAMN much!

I met one of my friends there, fellow BNB (B’ham Natural Beauties) & Georgia Mae blogger

See her latest blog regarding the event here.

My homegirls from High School

Me! (Wishing I had at least did a WNG)

This event sold out! But not for my friend and Soror that walked right up in that piece within an hour of finding out it was going on LOL! Check her out at Pretty Brown Naturals! She also did a review of the event as well, that you can check out here.

I’m not the best to give a review on this event. I tend to go hard, but all in all, I think the event was a success. They did sell out of tix, which was great, but they also lost out on a lot of attendees by not selling tix at the door. I was very happy to see something like this in my city, rather than me having to travel somewhere. The event was kid friendly, with face painting and a goody bag. I thought that was great to offer, although I think when you bring kids out, you need to manage/parent them while there. I should not be tripping up on your kids! It happened twice, I mean, they just running wild through the place! The second time I screamed whose kids are these?! There was also a Q & A session, tons of giveaways and a comedian to boot. I was bored a little, but I applaud the young ladies that accomplished this great feat in the Magic City!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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  1. Ki says:

    >Although my Saturday was booked, I really wish I had known about this event. I hope there will be more natural hair events here in the near future.

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