>Manic Monday

>Good day! Not too much is going on today, other than I’m cold and I don’t seem to sleep well on Sunday night. I think it’s because I know I will be coming back to work on Monday lol.

I’m doing as little as possible today, sad I know. When I get these shackles off my feet, I’m going to drive home as fast as I can and dip this head under some water. I’m in bad need of a wash and twist since I’ve been rocking a bun for a week today! Dinner is already planned, we’re having Turkey Burgers and Sauteed Spinach. And I will watch my shows, and get ready for another work day.

Here are too funny pics I snapped yesterday:

This was so funny when I saw it, the name!

Then I was leaving the store and saw this, let the Hubs start slippin, I’m ready

And I included this pic, because this is just crazy! My neighbor leaves her garage door cracked everyday for her dog. We don’t live in the best neighborhood and I could climb under there and get in!

That’s all I got! Enjoy your Monday!

Until I sign in again – Deuces,

Mrs. AKAtude

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