Monday Musings

monday musings

    • The weekend was great, but it’s now back to the grind!
    • On Saturday, this happened to me – Going to Target without your Red Card, Debit Card, Drivers License or whole damn purse is an epic fail! The consolation is I prepped my Sangria before going to the gym, so my day is on the upswing!

Photo credit: @jazzyjonez

(Note: this is @jazzyjonez base recipe. I had to add fruit juices too – Apple, Cranberry and Pineapple)

  • I enjoyed good TV Saturday night! A Day Late and a Dollar Short was a Lifetime Movie with a great cast. I enjoyed the movie, sad I read the book, but seriously can’t remember it lol.
  • Easter Dinner at Mama’s was great! I notice that I now can’t eat as much. One plate with small portions and I was stuffed!
  • Sunday night TV was off the chain! (Do people still say that? lol) RHOA, Porsha whooped that Trick! Literally dragged her! I was there for it! Target popcorn and my Sangria were snack winners too!
  • Do you ever drive to work, park and just sit in your car? Ok, just me?! lol Happy Monday!

Be Kurlylicious!

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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. Disco Diva says:

    I couldn’t remember the book either….so I reread it and I am mad I did. The movie was basically inspired by the book but there were so many differences, I was annoying myself! I was going to have people over to watch it but they would have been annoyed by my comparing and contrasting. It was good on its own…I just had the book fresh in my mind since I re-read specifically because of the movie. It’s funny how its hard to remember books.

    I don’t know if people still say off the chain…but that’s really the only way to describe it! Kenya deserved it…she verbally abused that girl for years unnecessarily.

    I sit in my car all the time mustering up the strength. Yesterday after lunch I sat in my car for 20 min. I sit in my car more when its chilly out though.

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