Mother-in-Love & Mother Tuskegee

Happy Saturday! All roads lead to Tuskegee University! My husband is a third generation graduate of Tuskegee University and I have already been informed that our unborn child will attend there as well and I’m cool with it, hell, I love Tuskegee myself! I blend right in with the crew, love the Gamma Kappa Sorors as if they’re my own undergraduate chapter and just have an all around good time whenever I’m there. Well, this weekend we took a drive to old Mother Tuskegee because my Mother-in-Love was in town chaperoning a college tour with her classmate for Open House. It’s always great to see her! She’s not only my Mother-in-Love, she’s my Soror too and we always joke, that no matter what happens with the hubs, we’ll always be Sorors!(yeah right lol)

We ate lunch at the Kellogg Center and walked around campus some, ventured to the bookstore (too crowded) and we all saw friends and would stop and chat! And then our visit ended, her group was heading back to ATL to fly out first thing in the morning, 6 AM is not cute at all. My Mother-in-Love will fly back home to Houston and her classmate and the group of students will fly back to Cali. I think it’s great what these proud Tuskegee graduates do to lend their time and share the love of their Alma Mater!

I forgot to charge my camera, but here is the one pic I snapped on my BB.

Mother & Son Walking the Ave @ Tuskegee, reliving their college years!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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