Master Bedroom Facelift

New Master Bedroom Set

We are finally getting new bedroom furniture (that we both agree on) that is being delivered today – Woohoo! Now, this is the same furniture that I paid a deposit on last year in September and all of the pieces just finally made it to the states last week! And get this, now this store is going out of business, got that letter the same day the furniture arrived! Crazy I tell you!

Room-in-a-Bag (???)

I ran to the local Macy’s on lunch and scooped up the 24-Piece Room-in-a-Bag, but the Hubs isn’t feeling all the brown – which happens to be my fav color! It was the best one I saw, but I was rushing with the power shopping on lunch, so I might try again, another location, but it was a great deal and I had a coupon, so this is probably our new boo! LOL
Can’t wait to get our new and improved sleeping quarters together! I haven’t had a new bed in 12 years!
Sweet Dreams to us!
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2 Responses to Master Bedroom Facelift

  1. Single Ma says:

    Very pretty bedroom furniture.

  2. I like the furniture and the bedding!
    Maybe you can accent the brown with some blue, in an turquoise or tiffany blue.

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