My 3-day Holiday Weekend!

I was so happy to have a long weekend. Friday, I was supposed to go to dinner, but bailed out and stayed in with my husband and we ate leftovers – he a Chicken Potpie I bought from Sam’s (never again, no seasoning) and me, Beef Tips and Rice that I cooked earlier in the week and that was my first time eating it and I must say I did good, it was quite tasty!

Saturday, I had Bookclub Brunch, where we discussed the The Awesome Girl”s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men by Ernessa T. Carter, it’s $3.99 on Kindle if you’re interested.




It was a great read, totally not what you were expecting, given the title, it was a novel, not a self-help book. I actually suggested that book to my girlfriend that was the host and had read it last year, so I really enjoyed having a group discussion. Next month, we’re reading Mansharing.  It’s $2.99 on Kindle if you’re interested.


Very interesting title and read, I finished it just this morning before work.

Later Saturday night, my cousin was having a family gathering at her new place. The menu was such a smorgasbord, I just stopped in Sam’s and picked up a bottle of Sangria, Ice cream to go with the cake my sister was bringing and some Pinwheels. She has a huge apartment and it was decorated so nicely. I’m happy for her and her daughter. When we get together as a family it’s nothing but laughter and good times.

No clue why my cuz did this!

No clue why my cuz did this!


Koolaid Smile!


My Sister and Cousin!

Sunday we went to check out Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s latest #1 box office hit, Ride Along:

Ride Along

and it did not disappoint. Some very funny parts indeed!

MLK Day I was fortunate to have the day off and had intentions of getting out of the house, but I ended up starting on a cleaning frenzy and stayed in and read the rest of the day away. That was my weekend, how was yours?

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  1. Disco Diva says:

    My book club is discussing Girls Guide this weekend! How did your discussion go? I enjoyed it but Loved 32 candles. I love how so many people are in bookclubs…makes me seem like less of a geek.

    Did your group enjoy the book?

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