My Birthday Happy Hour!

I have a dear coworker, that’s also a Soror, insist that I do something for my birthday since it’s a milestone one. I agreed to let her host a Birthday Happy Hour in my honor at one of my fav restaurants after work on last evening.

My fav Soror!

The Birthday Girl!


My Party Favors = Rum Balls



I had a few co-workers to come out to toast to my big day!

Local Celeb - he's feature in our Company's Commercial


Such dedicated co-worker


Forever the Salesman


A thorn in my side! A great guy!



My fav co-worker, she trained me!


My husband even dropped by when he got off work.


The Hubs! Representing TU always!

I had a great time!

Cheers to me! A double shot!


Even more pics can be found here.



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