My Monday – Airplane crashed in my Subdivision



I went home on lunch to drop off my purchased Cajun Fried Turkey from fake azz Popeye’s, aka Bojangles before returning to work. I should’ve known something was up when I saw the power company truck at the entrance of the subdivision. I continued to drive towards my house, chatting with my Mama as I’m pulling up to my house and there are police cars in front of my house! WTF! I see my neighbor with his garage door open, so I’m thinking maybe they had a break in. I tell my Mama I need to see what’s going on and I’ll call her back. As I get out there are several police cars, unmarked cars, news station cars, I had another thought, Oh, Lord, did someone die?! It’s crazy the thoughts that can go through your head in a matter of minutes! I park and walk out of my garage and ask is everything ok? My neighbor walked over so we could talk in private and tells me that a plane has emergency crash landed in front of my house. Y’all, I didn’t even see the damn plane! Backstory, my subdivision is not finished, so there’s a field direcly in front of my house and there was the plane on a gangsta lean!

My neighbor had driven back home because he forgot his phone charger and saw the plane flying kind of low. He went inside and next thing he heard was a loud boom! He came back outside and the light pole in the field across from his house was knocked down and then the plane landed up ahead in front of my house. He said he immediately called 911. And GOD is so good, he saw the lady pilot run down the hill in the field. She was not injured! Thank you Jesus! Just really shaken up and unfortunately her cell phone was dead. I’m so happy that the pilot was ok and there was no damage to our homes. I had to turn an interview down with the local news too. I was just not believing all of this happened on our little quiet street and really not in the mood and needed to get back to work.

See the story here.

Oh and the plane is still there. It’s bad enough my subdivision isn’t finished, but we don’t need a crashed airplane to add to the eyesore!

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  1. Disco Diva says:

    This happened to Keyalus! Except it was in her backyard!

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