Oh Christmas Tree…..

 In my entire adult life I have never put up a Christmas tree. My reason initially was because I was never home for Christmas. No matter where I lived, I always went home and I didn’t really see the point. That’s not to say I wouldn’t decorate, I owned a wreath and got into the habit of buying a Poinsettia plant every year, I guess that was my tree LOL.

Well, this year, we’re not traveling for Christmas and I still won’t be home, we do Christmas at my Mom’s house, but I decided I wanted to get a tree. So last Sunday, I was doing some mad shopping, my 4 square almost combusted because I was all over the place, the Hubs birthday was the next day and I was trying to do some Christmas shopping too. Anyhoo, I decided to wander in the Christmas Tree shop to check out what they had and wouldn’t you know they had just the tree I was looking for, or so I thought. 

Pre-lit and decorations included

 A deal right, I mean, it was pre-lit and came with the decorations, I thought it was a deal. Well, upon unpacking, I realized I was missing some ornaments, although the box was taped up.

2 ornaments didn't make the drop!


The mini ornaments were all in place

 I figured I could just work with what I had right, so I started putting it up. Well, boy was I wrong, take a look……. 

The beginning of the end!


Charlie Brown AZZ Christmas tree!

Yes, I’m mad as HELL! WTH? This is not the picture that’s on the box (see 1st pic)! I refuse to decorate it! I even went back to the store, because I remembered looking at the display tree before buying it, but of course they’re sold out now! I showed the lady that sold it to me the pic and she was like it’s missing something – DUH, you think? I honestly put every piece up, it was only 3 – A, B, C, so the filling, not sure what it was, but it for damn sure was not in that box! I just told the lady I would be returning it!
Perhaps I need to keep with the theme and not deal with a Christmas tree, because I never!!!!!
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8 Responses to Oh Christmas Tree…..

  1. Tazzee says:

    I hollered!!!! That happened to me with my first tree as an adult. I took it right back to the store. And I didn’t repack it all. Just enough to get it in the car.

  2. DH says:

    Ooo! That picture was clearly of three of those trees taped together!

  3. adrienne says:

    STILL giggling lol. We gonna bring you OUR tree…not putting it up over here lol

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