Monday Motivation – My Husband

Today my husband was featured on our friend, Chanda’s blog. Please read how he became high school skinny in his 40’s! I’m so proud of him! He is the inspiration behind me getting back on my fitness as well, Hell, I can’t have him looking good and I don’t!

High-School Skinny (excuse the drink in hand lol)

High-School Skinny at Homecoming (excuse the drink in hand lol)


Be Kurlylicious!


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I borrowed this from TiffanyInHouston! Thanks Sis!

ENJOYING – Working in my office today, instead of having class in the Training Room.

LOVING – My Bluetooth headset, it takes my workout to another level not worrying about tripping over a cord!

bluetooth headset

FEELING – like I want to hit up a Happy Hour today since my husband is out of town!


THINKING ABOUT – the movie date I have with my husband to see Think Like A Man Too! We LOVE going to the movies! We’ll probably try a new restaurant too!

think like a man too

LISTENING TO: V-103, I still LOVE the People’s Station, even though I don’t live in ATL anymore.


WATCHING – POWER, it’s a great new show on Starz with Omari Hardwick, some real eye candy!


MAKING ME HAPPY – My husband, who takes care of our family, by any means necessary!

I LOVE my Husband! Infinity x Infinity!

I LOVE my Husband! Infinity x Infinity!

Have a good weekend!!!

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Thankful Thursday – My CoWorker/Soror/Big Sister/Personal Shopper

Were you at work today, in a class no less and were pulled out to see a fabulous fashion find and it was gifted to you?! Ok, just me? Well, I’m blessed! lol

I know I’ve mentioned before my fav Soror, who also happens to be my Co-Worker too. Today, I’m thankful for her! She adopted me when we started working together as her lil sister when realized we were Sorors. She always has my back at work and I have hers. Well, she is always shopping and if she finds a good deal, she always looks out for her lil sister, me! Today, she blessed me with a Cynthia Rowley dress that she found for $10.99. Now the issue was, I wasn’t sure I could fit this dress, because it’s a size 4. I know I’ve been working out and have gotten back into some size 6, but I’m still on the daily struggle of eating right and keeping up with my fitness. Anyhoo, I ran to my office, and tried on said fashion find and it fit! But, I’m tall and felt like maybe it was too short, especially in the back, because I’m, dare I say, Bootylicious! Yes, I am. Like for real! If I don’t have nothing else, I got booty for days! I love the color of the dress and it has pockets. Why don’t you take a look:

My Selfie!

My Selfie!

Excuse my face lol

Excuse my face lol

I guess it isn't too short

I guess it isn’t too short

And pardon the pics, I had to use my iPad, because my iPhone was in the Training Room, where I should’ve been lol.

So, what do you think of this fashion find? Have you found a fabulous fashion find lately?

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Friday Fitness

Still getting it in!


I had to have this tank!


My best workout yet!

Be Kurlylicious!

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