Not So Wordless Wednesday – Target’s Trophy Wife Graphic Tee

I am a TROPHY!!!! #proud


On a random weeknight Target run, the graphic tee I’m pictured in above caught my eye, so I picked it up, along with the Mrs. tee as well. The Trophy Wife tee is the cause of a lot of controversy as seen in these articles here, here and here.

I honestly don’t see what the big deal is at all. I wore my Trophy Wife Graphic tee out proudly while spending the day with my Husband! There is truly so many other more pressing and important things going on in the world, other than fighting one of my favorite stores over a graphic tee! Let Target live!!!

Do you have an issue with the Trophy Wife graphic tee?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Weekend in Review

This past weekend was pretty chill. I got some Cardio in on Friday evening with my girlfriend. Had I not made that date with her, I would’ve skipped the gym altogether, but I’m glad I got it in. Afterwards, I got my husband and I Sushi to go and that was my Friday.

Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I met back up at the gym for a Y Strong class – Muscular strength and endurance at it’s best. One hour class targeting every major muscle group using bodybars and free weights. Weight training in a group setting with awesome music and a motivating instructors!! Strength and Sculpting.

After class, my husband and I went to three different restaurants. We decided to go to Pappadeaux, they had sent a coupon for our Anniversary, which was in May, but I just received the coupon in July, go figure. I also had a gift certificate from my birthday, so we had a very inexpensive lunch there. We decided while there, we would go to the Cheesecake Factory to grab Cheesecake to go, but we had to make a stop beforehand at Big Bad Breakfast, to pick up some Big Bad Bacon. It’s very good and spicy. I always buy 2 pounds. So that was our restaurant tour for Saturday.

Sunday, my company had our annual picnic at our minor league baseball park. I went to the gym first to get my Cardio in and then we headed to the park. It was a very nice turnout. I waited a whole year to buy me a baseball hat from this park too. My husband tried to give me a hard time, but I was not hearing it. This is the only pic I snapped all weekend!

How was your weekend?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Thankful Thursday – Descaling Your Keurig

With the debacle of my Wordless Wednesday post, on this Thankful Thursday, I’m happy to report, Google came through like always and so did my sister and friends!  Following the steps in this gem of an article, my Keurig is back up and running and there’s peace in the valley! Thank you JESUS!

This is Bae, the real MVP!

What are you thankful for today?

Be Kurlylicious!

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Wordless Wednesday – Keurig Fail!


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