Prayers needed for my cousin!

My family suffered a tragic loss last Friday, so I will be attending a double funeral tomorrow, help me Holy Ghost! Please keep my cousin in your prayers as he will have to bury his Dad and brother. He lost his Mom (my Mama’s cousin) to cancer a few years back. My heart breaks for him!

I had the pleasure of attending my cousin’s beautiful Wedding in September of this year and I keep replaying over and over in my head the interactions between he, his Dad and brother! His Dad was so busy running around after his little brother lol. My cousin and his Dad even had a very emotional moment and I know they were remembering his Mom!

I initially heard about the accident on the news Friday night, but didn’t realize who was involved until Saturday night watching the news! My cousin’s Wedding program confirmed who it was to me. I won’t lie, at first I brushed it off, because his Dad has a common name. When I heard his brother’s name, I knew, but still had to put my hands on that program! I immediately called my Mama and she confirmed it too! She said I thought your sister called you? And my Sister did call me, but I missed the call because get this – I was at the funeral of my girlfriend’s Grandmother!

As I’ve mentioned on here before, death is just all around me! I know it’s life, but so much, so soon! A double funeral?! C’mon son! I don’t wish that on anyone! Please don’t take life for granted, you only get one! Live each day like it’s your last!


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3 Responses to Prayers needed for my cousin!

  1. adrienne says:

    OH NO! Will def be praying. I saw this story on the news ((((HUGS))))

  2. Beautifully Complex says:

    So very sorry for this huge loss. I will be praying for your family, especially your cousin.

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