Random – Green Smoothie Shopping on a budget

My co-worker informed me that Aldi, a discount grocier, was having a great fruit sale, so I decided to pay them a visit. When I tell you I came up! I wish I had taken a picture! I spent about $17 and this is the motherload I got:

I juice or make green smoothies for breakfast most mornings, and needed to re-up on my fruit!

Spinach, Carrots, Grapes, Apple, Ginger & Lemon

I bought a bag of lemons for $1.99, whereas at my fav grocier I buy 3 lemons for $1.99. I was pleasantly surprised and happy about yesterday’s shopping excursion! Aldi, see you again soon!

Do you shop at Aldi?

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One Response to Random – Green Smoothie Shopping on a budget

  1. adrienne says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS I spent $35 bucks but there are 5 of us lol. I got SO much fruit. Much of which will be gone by the end of the week lol

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