Random Monday!

    • I was sick all weekend 🙁 – Allergy/Sinus Congestion sucks monkey balls!
    • My lil/big nephew went back to school today 🙁 and when I went to see him off, he informed me he had 19 school days left, to be young again with a summer break!

Lil/Big Nephew and his fav Aunt!


    • I made the fatal mistake of drinking our Community coffee, pun intended, at the office this morning, and after indulging in the essence of a great cup of Joe, via my Keurig, that ish at the office is toilet water! I can’t believe I used to drink that ish! So, to make up for it, I’m treating myself to some K-cups!

Buy 2, Get 2 Free - Thank you Keurig!


    • I’ve carried my trusty Target gift card I received for my birthday last year in my little gift card stash, but I unazzed it this evening for Wii Zumba fitness 2, let us pray I use it!



    • We can wear jeans the rest of this week and that makes for an awesome and easy breezy process of getting ready for work!


 That’s all I got, what’s random with you?

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