• I got a call yesterday and I was informed about a medical condition the person had and before I knew it they were crying – ok, I’m at work and don’t have that kind of time!

• Today someone told me it’s been a while since we went to dinner and I go with everyone else and yes, this is a front – wtfreak, you better get in where you fit in and check my schedule fool!

• Today as I’m heading out for lunch our office manager asked had I talked to my husband, I said no, she said I’m sorry, he called a while ago – uh no ma’am, my husband wouldn’t call me on the work phone, why, he can, she’s older, so I wouldn’t go into mobile to mobile, etc. Anyway, I told her I would call him ‘back’. Anyhoo, we normally talk on lunch anyway and I left him a message about did he call and he said, your office manager is crazy, you know I didn’t call there! So, I get back to work and tell her, yall, she asked what does he sound like – wtfreak? Anyhoo, then it hits her, we have a LaShon that works here too and it was her husband! By now, so many hours has passed!

OMG! These are my randoms!

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