Scandalicious Saturday


This was me pretty much all day Saturday! I was literally held hostage by Olivia Pope, the star of Scandal! I stooped to an all time low – I went to Taco Bell for lunch! A friend tweeted they have a Happier Hour, discount drinks and such, which I didn’t even get since the Pink Lemonade machine was not working! But I was able to sneak away from the TV briefly to jump in the shower, throw on something quick and drive down the street to Taco Hell!

And then it gets better! Around Dinner time my husband and I are both hungry and I stole away for a few more minutes and drove to the neighborhood Taco Truck that is literally right outside of my Subdivision (I could’ve walked)! My husband was tired from working in the yard all day, so it was the least I could do, considering I didn’t do shyt all day but watch Scandal and threw in a couple of loads of laundry in between commercial breaks to feel like I was somewhat productive, but like I said, that pic was pretty much me all day lol.

I’m almost all caught up on Scandal; BET is showing the season finale on Wednesday and I’ll be ready for Season 3 on Thursday, October 3rd! Before last weekend, I had never watched the show, but I’m here for it all now! Kudos to BET!

Are you a Scandal fan?

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4 Responses to Scandalicious Saturday

  1. Alright….let’s see if this works! So what I said the first two times was that Scandal is a great show. I love to see what Olivia is wearing. Plus, Harrison’s loyalty? I need to know the story behind that. I throw side eye at Quinn & Abby cuz they aren’t all in, but that’s to be expected.

    I was like that with watching The Wire. I didn’t catch it when it first came on HBO so I binged on it watching the DVDs. I’m glad there’s still some good non-reality show TV coming on.

    • Kurlylicious says:

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment with all of mt technical difficulties!

      Now, that Scandal! I’m all in! I’m watching the Season Finale tonight! I Love Olivia Pope! Her Corporate Attire is BAWSE! I’m curious about the back story with Harrison too!

  2. SDOT says:

    I absolutely love Scandal! OMG… I thinks it’s might generous of BET to air this show, while we wait for next season. I consider myself a real life #gladiator!! LOL Man your weekend sounded like mine a couple weeks ago.

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