Scenes from Christmas

I know I’m so late, but here are pics from my company Christmas party and Christmas with my family.


Christmas Party ready!


Obligatory restroom shot!


My fav Soror at work, she gifted me my dress! Love her!


Friend from my school bus days! (her husband & I work together)


New Hire class with their fav Trainer (ME)!


Christmas with my familia!

Team Long had a great Christmas!

Team Long had a great Christmas!

And this is what Christmas is all about:

Surprised my nephew with tix to Jay-Z concert!

Surprised my nephew with tix to Jay-Z concert!

This lil/big guy was so happy! I’m so glad we did it for him!

My holidays were fabulous and I’m looking forward to a great year!

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3 Responses to Scenes from Christmas

  1. Artney says:

    So pretty, La’Shara! Love your dress!!!

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