>Shrimp and Grits, it’s what’s for dinner!


This was an easy and simple recipe! It’s actually Garlic Cheese Grits with Shrimp. See the recipe here. The only deviation I made to the recipe is, I cooked the grits in 2 cups of chicken broth for taste, along with 1 cup of milk to make creamier. I would definitely make it again.

In other news, I have a confession to make – shhhh, I LOVE Cupcakes!

My co-worker was bringing this box of cupcakes into the office as I was leaving for lunch. I had to snap a pic! They looked YUMMY and after tasting, I can attest they were! She has a friend that is trying to get her cupcake business started and we were her samplers. I am very partial to a bakery and coffee shop here for cupcakes, both locally owned, but her product was good too! I had a strawberry cupcake. It was very moist and the icing was cream cheese with candied sprinkles, it was pretty good. I also tasted the chocolate, but it was not nearly as moist and didn’t have such a great taste to me. Even with that said, I would definitely try her out, I mean there was one winner with strawberry after all. Well, my secret is out!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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2 Responses to >Shrimp and Grits, it’s what’s for dinner!

  1. >I don't eat shrimp but I love cupcakes! Red velvet are my favorites. When I go to a cupcake shop, I always stand in front of the display for a couple of minutes contemplating on which flavor I want to get. lol

  2. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    >Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! And I'm happy to know I'm not alone on the love of cupcakes! lol There is a coffee shop here that I love to get chocolate cupcakes from and strawberry from a bakery that is famous for their strawberry cake.

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