SPLITSVILLE: Ruben Studdard & Wife Surata

On the low, I had already figured this out almost a year ago. I was fb friends with both, but I would interact with her more via bookface or just seeing her out. After all this time, I had never truly seen them out together, unless you count the fact she attended his annual Reunion concert that’s normally during Christmas. I think I picked up on the fact she was no longer on fb or maybe she just ex-communicated me LOL and I never saw her out anymore.

Check the real deets here according to YBF. Now according to the article it’s money issues, but my husband swears it’s because she was in the Tip Drill video! Just WOW! I never knew that!

I do hate to see the ending to their marriage. Blessings to them both!

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One Response to SPLITSVILLE: Ruben Studdard & Wife Surata

  1. Kittee says:

    I’ll go with the ‘Tip Drill’ video for $500 Alex! LOL

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