Straight Hair Edition!

So, I’ve become super duper lazy with my hair and with all of the rain and snow, I just bunned it. But Thursday, I called up a Salon and they could see me on Saturday, so I went.

Now, the reason I don’t like the salon is the damn waiting! If I have an 11 AM appointment, don’t have me siting for 40 damn minutes! So, this happened.

Then, if I book the appointment for a blowout and flat iron, don’t keep telling me about a damn $200 Keratin treatment. This was a major turnoff! I do my own hair 99% of the time, so I got this over here!

My last gripe is, why does it cost more to do natural hair, we all had it before? Now, I’m all for paying for longer hair, but damn, I got to pay extra for being natural and having long hair?! Well, kiss my azz! Anyhoo, I paid (although I was quoted a price last year, but it was more yesterday) and tipped, but it will probably be another year before I do this again.

After being there a total of almost 5 hours, factoring in the waiting, that was my whole day! I could only pick up something to eat and go home! I was worn out! This is the end result (I like it):

Yes, it's all mine!


I didn’t tell my husband, I wanted to surprise him and he was! He encouraged me initally to wear my hair curly when I was very hesitant, but now requests that I get it straight from time to time.

Seriously, I can’t do shyt with all of this! My goal was to see if I could grow my hair waist length and I’ve been there for 2 years now. You can see my post from last year, when I had it done while on a business trip. I definitely won’t go past this length. If I decide to get a major cut, I will donate my hair to Locks of Love! For the right now, I’m going to enjoy not doing anything to it for a couple of weeks. I’m sure it will be in a ponytail or bun. And I’m anxious to see with the trim I did get, how my next twistout will look.

That’s it for this Edition of Straight Hair!

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5 Responses to Straight Hair Edition!

  1. Tarsha! says:

    OMG! Your hair is gorgeous!!! My B is anxious about growing her natural hair as long as yours. Her hair is so thick and a good length now but growing it longer might have me stroking out trying to style it!! LOL

  2. Disco Diva says:

    Wow! Your hair is beautiful! And you have so much, Pocohontas!


  3. elisabeth says:

    I agree…your hair is gorgeous! I didn’t realize you were letting it grow so long.

  4. Beautifully Complex says:

    I think I commented on FB but your hair is absolutely gorgeous ! My oldest niece reminds me of you.

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