Tasty Tuesday – 2 Crockpots at the same damn time!


My Monday was spent being very busy! I had to travel yesterday for the next 9 days, so trying to be the Good Wife, I prepared my husband a couple of meals to carry him through the week. I was so busy, doing laundry, packing and I had 2 Crockpots going at the same damn time and failed to get a picture. Just believe me, I got a lot done before heading to the airport. For the 2 meals, I prepared  my Mother-in-Love’s Okra and Sausage recipe that my husband LOVES! (I’ll update this post later with the recipe) I decided to prepare that for the soup/gumbo aspect, because after cutting the grass Saturday, my husband has not been feeling his best. I left a pot on the stove with a bag of rice and told him how to cook it, that’s the Trainer in me! lol

The next meal I crocked for my boo, is 3 Packet/Envelope Chicken. Very simple to make and he can just grab a bag of frozen veggies out the freezer and steam in the microwave to complete his meal. Easy breezy! His favorite meal is Hamburger Helper and Green Beans, that bachelor life was grand wasn’t it? lol I had planned to cook that too, but ran out of time, but he can prepare that himself, so he should be good until I return next Wednesday, and has a variety of options!

What are you doing on this Tasty Tuesday? I’m searching for Dinner as soon as I get out of this class!

Bon Appetit!

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesday – 2 Crockpots at the same damn time!

  1. LaToya says:

    I will have to try this recipe! I’m always looking for quick, easy things to make.

    Thankfully, my Mom cooked our dinner for me yesterday. I was single parenting because my husband had an after work event and yesterday, my daughter also had tumbling time which left no time for me to cook.

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