Tasty Tuesday – Benihana

Hey there good people! Today’s post is not your normal Tasty Tuesday post where I would normally share a recipe, as I’m still trying to bounce back from Blogalicious and haven’t cooked jack! I’m hoping to cook tomorrow and crank up my Crockpot to prepare Gumbo to enjoy the rest of the week, but don’t quote me on that!

Anyhoo, while at Blogalicious you seriously had food that was provided, but the timing sometimes was a little off, so I, along with an old friend and new ones too, ventured out to get dinner at one of my fav spots, Benihana that happened to be within walking distance in a crosswalk connected to the hotel. Upon arrival we were asked did we have a reservation. Well, of course we didn’t! After going back and forth with the mostest = man hostess, we sat in the Sushi bar and ordered Sushi and the Chicken Fried Rice that keeps me coming back! Feast your eyes on this:


Shrimp Lovers Roll & Chicken Fried Rice

That meal was everything to me! I hulk smashed the rice and had a nice treat upon my return to my room after one of the best parties I’ve been to in a while! More to come later on The Jam. Freshest. Party. Ever.

Have you dined at Benihana before?

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