I’m so glad today is Friday! I have a busy weekend. After work I have an eyebrow appointment, I get mine threaded, love it! And then I’m going to swing by Happy Hour with my friends for a minute.

Saturday, I have a volunteer commitment, Project Homeless Connect, this is a one day event where organizations throughout Birmingham come together and help Birmingham’s Homeless population. The goal is to get them to services they need that will give them a hand up out of homelessness. It’s a very humbling experience! Then I have a birthday dinner and two other birthday celebrations at 2 different clubs. I have a busy Saturday!

That’s my weekend and Sunday will be a day of rest. I don’t even think we will go to the movies, we normally do that on Sunday’s, I checked the listings last night and didn’t see anything I wanted to see.

Oh, in other news, I did trade my blueberry that was perpetrating a fraud as a Blackberry in and upgraded to Android, finally! I’m with Sprint, and I got the EVO. I was unsure because of the touchscreen, but it’s been a week and so far so good! And I’m known for tricking my phones out, so here is my EVO all tricked out!

Until I sign in again – Deuces!

Mrs. AKAtude

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