TGIF – It’s the weekend baby! (Edited to add pic)


• Going to my Mama’s house after work to see my nephew who’s heading home for Spring break.


My lil/big nephew is home!


• I’m also going to indulge in some Cami Cakes since they are gracious enough to make a cupcake run on the way

• We always end up having a Wine Tasting at Mama’s thanks to my sisters and I being Wineaux!

• I have a Wedding tomorrow of a former co-worker, I was worried for a minute, read this post, but I’m happy she’s happy!

• My plan is to make a new brunch recipe this weekend, thanks to Adrienne again!

• I’m also going to be the fabulous wife that I am and make my husband some Oxtails, Chef Roble’ style! He is going to LOVE me even more!

That’s all I got! What’s your haps for the weekend?


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