TGIF – Fashion Find Edition

I decided this Summer my attire of choice would be Maxi Skirts. My cousin came to a family function wearing the cutest Maxi Skirt that I just had to have. She told me she bought it from Family Dollar! I was like Family Dollar?! She had just bought it the day before, so I went on a quest the next day in search of! Of course, I didn’t go to the location she went to, because it’s across town from me, but my favorite girl, my Mama went and found the skirts, but not in my size! She did find me a black one, but she searched 5 or 6 locations with no luck. Well, I went to ATL at the end of April and I told my BFF I was looking for a skirt and wanted to check out the inventory in the stores there. As we were driving to the World Natural Hair Show, we rolled up on a Family Dollar and I hit the JACKPOT! Not only did they have the skirt I was in search of, but also another one I had never seen! Check out the pics:


Maxi Skirts from Family Dollar


Better pic of this one!

I have been receiving all kinds of compliments at work and when I told my co-worker I was in search of the skirts, she left work that day and found the turquoise and white skirt at her location for me! The skirts are regularly priced at $10, but they were on sale for $8! SCORE! The pink and black skirt, I saw for the first time in ATL, but never could find my size. When I mentioned it to my Mama, this lady said she had seen it, but she was just intent on finding the gray and white one for me (not pictured). Well, while driving to Destin for our Anniversary trip, I stopped in a store and scored again!

This is my latest Fashion Find! What’s your favorite attire to wear during the summer?

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