Thankful Thursday – Community Kitchens

On Sunday I had the pleasure once again to participate with my husband, his fellow board members of Community Kitchens, a non-profit organization that serves a lunch meal everyday of the year to stop hunger, and their families to help prepare lunch and serve to the homeless, and as always it’s very rewarding. The last time I volunteered, I was on fruit salad duty, but this time I prepared the brownies, but ended up serving the cucumber and tomato salad. We truly have a great time preparing the meal and serving together, but the best reward is seeing how thankful the men, women and children are! I do it for them! Here are a couple of snaps:

Feeding the Homeless #Grateful

Feeding the Homeless #Grateful

I wasn't feeling my best, but still repping AKA!

I wasn’t feeling my best, but still repping AKA/Alpha! #1stFam

Today, I’m thankful that I am blessed and grateful to be a vessel to volunteer and serve!

Be Kurlylicious!

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