Thankful Thursday – Family Love Edition

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let me tell you all a story about one of my favorite guys pictured below:



Love is working all day and taking an evening flight with a layover, arriving at your hotel at 11:30 PM, attempting to sleep, rising at 5 AM to get on the road by 5:50 AM to travel 2  1/2 hours to see your only nephew, who is 17 and the youngest in his company by the way, to graduate from basic training for the United States Army National Guard!


Official picture of my lil/big Private!

You want to talk about proud! I was so emotinoal, I just cried during the graduation. My sister had my nephew in her Senior year of high school. I was there when he was born and we all had a hand in raising him. He is the closest possibility I have to having my own son, and I was so full! My sister, his Mama, told me she was crying at one point during the ceremony, I handed her some kleenex and told her I had been crying since the ceremony had started. It was simply beautiful!


Immediately after Graduation!


Family Shot!


Proud Aunt with her Soldier!


The name that my family calls me!


Trying to nap before hitting the road!


One last parting shot!

And after spending the day with him, my sisters and Mama who had arrived the day before me and were leaving the day after me, I drove those 2 1/2 hours back to the airport, turned in my rental car, started the flight back, had another layover, arrived safely back in town and pulled in my garage at 11:30 PM. JESUS, thank you for traveling grace! That is LOVE y’all!

This was his first Thanksgiving away from home, but thank GOD for technology and since his basic training is over, my sister bought him a new iPhone so he was able to Facetime us for the holiday!


We’re looking forward to him coming home for Christmas in 2 weeks!

Although this was a turnaround trip and very exhausting, I would do it all over again, because that is Love!

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday – Family Love Edition

  1. What a handsome young man ! This post made me smile so hard 🙂 I am an Aunt too & can so relate to the love you have for your nephew. They are complete blessings. You guys have a lot to be proud of. Wishing him continued success in this new chapter of life.

    • Kurlylicious says:

      Thank you Jaye! Awh, it’s so wonderful that you can relate! My nephew is our Jai :)! Yes, we are so proud of him! Just writing this post and even responding to you still brings tears to my eyes!

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