Thankful Thursday – Happy 80th Birthday Grandmother!


My Beautiful Grandmother

My favorite girl, next to my Mama, celebrated a milestone birthday today! She is 80 and that is such a Blessing for her and our family! She is a true Matriarch and a prayer warrior! Grandparents make everything better and my Grandmother has always been special and loves me unconditionally! I’m the oldest Granddauaghter and I’m her favorite, like she is mine lol! 


Three Generations

Some of my fondest memories growing up were spending the night with my Grandmother and sleeping in a nightgown she bought for me. As I got older, other cherished memories are of my Grandmother paying my college tuition my Sophmore year! I was the first in my family to graduate college and when my financial aid got screwed, no worries, Grandmother has always had my back! Another prominent memory that my husband swears is how I got him, one Thanksgiving while living in ATL, I had to work the day after, so I decided to stay in ATL.  My boyfriend, now husband, came to spend Thanksgiving with me, so I wouldn’t be alone. I decided I would try to cook a Thanksgiving meal, sans the Turkey, boyfriend’s radio station was giving them away, so he drove that bird from Birmingham to Alpharetta lol! I got my Grandmother on the horn and she walked me through what to do, step by step! I still have those notes from 2007!!! 


Family Over Everything!

Today, I’m thankful for my Grandmother, one of my favorite girls! Happy Birthday Grandmother and Blessings for many more, old gray haired, Christian woman! <— her words lol  

This is 80! #blessed

What are you thankful for today?

Be Kurlylicious!

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday – Happy 80th Birthday Grandmother!

  1. LisaBinAR says:

    Happy Birthday to your Grandma! She is beautiful. Love her hair.

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