Thankful Thursday – Prayers to Boston & West Texas!


My Lord! We are really in some trying times y’all! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the Boston Bombing. When I have class, which I’ve been in since December of last year, it’s hard for me to get any social media in, so I had no idea anything had occurred on Monday. When my co-worker dragged me to her desk to look at the TV, I just couldn’t believe it! I immediately felt my heart drop and I had tears in my eyes. And I thought about one of my former co-workers and friends that relocated back to Boston last year and she’s a runner, so I grabbed my phone to text her. My husband thought I would have trouble getting through to her, but thankfully I didn’t! She text me right back. She was tired and had stayed in all day on Patriot’s Day. As we texted back and forth, she told me another one of our former co-workers and friends texted her while we had been chatting back and forth. It’s good to have good friends and to know that she was safe was a wonderful feeling! Again, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Boston tragedy and I’m praying for our country!

Also, insomnia is a dirty BYOTCH! I woke about 1 AM ish and couldn’t go back to sleep! And that is how I learned about the West, TX explosion. I’m honestly scared to learn of anymore injuries or deaths.

We must stay in continuous prayer y’all!


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